The Goddamned

Perpetual Man

Tim James
Jun 13, 2006

Jason Aaron has long been a writer to watch. His run on many Marvel titles were entertaining, and his interpretation of Wolverine was one of the best in years. Even when I did not like the stories he told, I am happy to admit that they were well written.

Like many writers who make there name on the standard superhero titles these days, he has made the transition to independent, creator owned comics.

His first Southern Bastards (nice choice of names) is an exceptional piece of storytelling, looking at a small town in rough and ready southern USA. Interesting, with strong characters and top notch art by Jason Latour, it is well worth a read.

But this new title by the writer might just steal the reputation as the better comic.

With a title like this the immediate reaction could easily be 'uh oh!' but it is well fitting, being one of those words that has a more modern connotation. Taken at face value, it fits the story perfectly.

The people are quite literally well on their way to being damned by God.

It is an interpretation of parts of the Bible, but told in a manner that might not be comfortable for many, but is a fresh and contains an interesting mix of the fantastical and realism.

Many years have passed since mankind were thrown out of Eden, and the world has moved on. It is a harsh, dark place, with primitive tribes fighting one another, where the strong prey on the weak...

Into this something more than human falls and seems more dangerous again...

And a seemingly hard, man leads others across the land, collecting animals and 'dealing' with anyone who gets in the way. His name is Noah.

Pedro Del Mar

I am content
Mar 18, 2010
Darwen Tower
Thanks Tim, that sounds like a good read. I've pre-ordered Vol 1 from Amazon which comes out in June, so I've a bit of time to read what's already waiting on the shelf!