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Jan 11, 2009
I linger within ye shadows of Sesqua Valley, dream
I love this set more than I can say. When I first got it and pulled those three volumes from the box and released them from the plastic wrap, I felt an almoft nameless thrill just holding them, feeling their weight, admiring the gorgeous dust jacket art and design. Life has been too hectic for me to just relax and sit with the first volume and read it through, much as I wou'd like to. But reading the first stories in the volume brought home to me yet again how much I love H. P. Lovecraft's fiction, and how it has an allure that other Literature cannot match. The stories feel like a kind of intimate sphere of Art in which I feel completely at home; and although I have read and experienced the magick of these stories so many times, returning to them always feels exciting and "fun", and I always find new aspects in the prose or ideas of story that I had never noticed. Lovecraft's fiction is like a deep magical well, and the deeper I submerged into the murky antique water, the more wonders I behold. And of course I always read Lovecraft with an inner-eye that is constantly looking for inspiration for my own tales of Lovecraftian weird fiction. These three Variorum editions are, for me, the ultimate experience of Lovecraft's tales!


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Jul 26, 2015
...and I always find new aspects in the prose or ideas of story that I had never noticed.

Yes, I do too. I ruminated quite a bit on The Quest of Iranon (which I sort of ignored previously), and now again more on The Rats in the Walls (which I believe was the first Lovecraft story I read back in mid 70s).

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