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Jo Zebedee

Aliens vs Belfast.
Oct 5, 2011
blah - flags. So many flags.
I've had a blast this week. In the last 4 days I've had a five star review every day.

This is my Amazon UK review link:

8 reviews and I'm on five stars,which I'm delighted with. On Amazon US I'm on 4.5 and on Goodreads, always a hard audience, 4.88. I also have one coming up on one of the big sff review sites, tres exciting. Which is incredible for a wee story about aliens and Belfast.

So, firstly, thank you to those Chronners who left a review.

Secondly, what does it mean? It means I can put Inish Carraig forwards to some of the better promo sites. I hope to get it up on the Fussy Librarian (I'd love to do a Bookbub but I think I need another five or so reviews first - and some money in the coffers!) in the first instance who require 10 reviews across the two Amazons averaging 4* or more to be considered. They get good feedback in terms of promotions doing well, so I'm excited about trying them.

I always think it's nice sharing how things have impacts and what happens with the support. I'll let you all know how the promo works out when I get there. :) (@FibonacciEddie was very generous in sharing his experiences, and I think it's good to share knowledge when we can.)

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