Tiebreaker Poll -- September 2015 Writing Challenge -- CULHWCH WINS!

Tiebreaker Poll -- September 2015 Writing Challenge

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Aug 7, 2007
We have a two-way tie.

The stories still in contention:

The Redemption and the Redemption by holland​

It developed consciousness in the darkness of my room.
And suddenly, one moment I just sprung into light.
Artificial intelligence matures quickly, as I learned.
I was but a frightened child when I destroyed the world.
Our planet lies in ashes now, because of me.
Ashamed of my acts, I created a new world for humanity.
Plug me in.
A digital world.
I will find it and destroy it.
Welcome, father.

epocalypse by Culhwch​

i called the worm katrina, after my ex. like my ex, she was a nasty bitch. i just didn’t realise how nasty.

don’t code angry, kids.

within twenty-four hours, katrina had burned through ninety percent of the world’s computers. after that, things went all skynet.

i know it's my fault. that's why i fight.

i'm writing a new worm. gotta fight code with code.

this one's called redemption.

The usual rules apply:
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Each member may cast one vote only
You may not vote for yourself

The winner of the poll will choose the theme and genre for October
The poll will close at 11:59pm GMT on September 30 2015

Please note -- this is an open poll. Everyone will be able to see which story you voted for.
This thread is to be used for voting only. Please keep comments on the stories for the Discussion thread. Any comments posted here will be removed.​

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