Memory, Sorrow and Thorn on Kindle

Jonathan C

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Nov 3, 2012
So, recently, this series has become available for Kindle on Amazon UK, which pleases me greatly as I have been wanting to get the Kindle version for ages.

Just one thing- this is three parts, and in the UK at least, MS&T is usually in 4 parts, with one book being split into two.

I'm probably worried about nothing, but if anyone has bought it already, can I be assured that this is the whole thing and there isn't some Part 4 yet-to-be-released at some date in the future?
I can't say for sure, but I'm pretty certain that there won't be. For one thing, my understanding is that four books were released in some countries and three in others. In the UK, the third and fourth volumes were both called To Green Angel Tower - one was subtitled "Siege" and the other "Storm" if I remember rightly. Also, the description does say that it's the final volume in the trilogy. So I think you should be ok.

I've also seen interviews with Williams where he definitely says that the MST story is over. He vaguely suggested revisiting Osten Ard 20 years on in a new book, which suggests that the story is done and he won't drop any surprises on us without beginning a whole new series.

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