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Nov 1, 2004

Abendau's Heir
(Tickety Boo Press 2015)

Inish Carraig

Sunset Over Abendau (Tickety Boo Press 2016)

Abendau's Legacy (Tickety boo Press, autumn 2016)

Waters and the Wild (Inspired Quill, 2017)


Silver Threads of Coralline and Ain't No Ghosts: Malevolence (Tickety Boo Press, 2014)
The Story of the Ten: Crises and Conflicts (New Con Press. 2016)
The Gates of the Temple: Explorations, Beyond the Wormhole (Woodbridge Press, Sept 2016)
In the name of my Father: Space (Tickety Boo Press, autumn 2016

Short stories

"The Bridge of Souls" Kraxon (October 2013)

"A Crime of Intelligence" Kraxon (July 2014)

"Silver Threads of Coralline" Malevolence edited by J. Scott-Marryat (Tickety Boo Press 2014)

"Ain't No Ghosts 'Round Here" Malevolence edited by J. Scott-Marryat (Tickety Boo Press 2014)

"Strong Arms to Hold" Kraxon (January 2015)

The Nymph of Hampstead Heath: The Nymph Of Hampstead Heath - Kraxon Magazine

Irish Fiction Friday EXCLUSIVE - Jo Zebedee's 'Namesake'. - Dublin Ireland in 2019

Guest posts and blogs

Jo Zebedee on writing – Being Chosen

[GUEST POST] Jo Zebedee (ABENDAU'S HEIR) Asks Should SFF Have a Funny Bone?

Guest Blog: Jo Zebedee

Em's Blog: Sex on Wings by Jo Zebedee

Celtic Connections — Invoking Ulster | Anna Writes

Staying Close – How To Write In Close Point Of View - Sci-fi and Fantasy Network
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