Name of the Wind - film coming?

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
I'm sure I saw mention of a public bidding war, held at Comic Con 2015, for the film rights to Pat Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles - however, I can only find this at the moment:

IIRC, studios are looking to see what happens after the third book in the trilogy is published before committing? However, am happy to be corrected - and updated - with what actually happened.
I hope that he can finish a book now...

But I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of this. So good to see this type of thing being picked up with some serious budget behind it.
I have a bad feeling about this. I just don't see how it can be translated into a movie very well, unless it is shot in a very autobiographical way. If they do some typical fantasy spin on it, because its just a series of events rather than having a main plot.
Actually, I think it could work well (although the length makes me twitch.) at its core, it's the story of one person. If they cut the padding out, I could be very entranced in a movie - then the tv show can do all the padding. (Can I be shallow and say Bast with no shirt on, and I'm hooked.:D)
I'm right in the middle of the first novel, so would look forward to seeing it as a movie or tv series.
I hope the next book comes out before the first film, lol. In a serious I can't wait I hope they do a really good job making it!!!
Loved name of the wind. Had to put the second Installment down a couple of times in slow frustration. Saw it through an love the guy
I just looked at IMDB tonight. There is a post saying lionsgate is making a movie, tv series, and video game out of it. All three of these things worry me. I am eager, though, to hope for the best and go into the theatre with dewy eyes as this is by far my favorite book series.
Maybe he can pull a GRRM and let the film finish his story for him. I am ducking now :)
You better duck. *throws an empty water bottle at your head* Its only working for Georgie because he already pulled people who read the books in with the show by following the books pretty closely.
My understanding is that it will be a TV show with a feature length pilot released in the cinema. I'm optimistic frankly, I just hope part 3 is published before the film hits theatres as I don't want my mind's eye prejudiced by someone else's interpretation.