Photos: Writers with Their Typewriters

Here's a big list. Click the ones listed in blue for an image.

Here's Harlan Ellison with his first typewriter (which was sold to somebody or other for gobs of money in 2010.)


More information here:

Here's the guy who bought it (apparently not for the $40,000 asking price.)
Fantastic! Thank you, Victoria.

I wish I'd kept one or two of my old typewriters... sentimentalist that I am.
I so hated the typewriter in BBC (an old manual, not even electric) I vowed if I ever took up writing I'd use a computer. I bought an Apple II and an Epson MX80 in 1981, later I bought a PCW8512 computer. I've had a mono laser for years and in December 2014 replaced it with a full duplex colour laser (€205.17 + €8.91 shipping from Germany inc 19% German VAT). Mono Cartridge lasted till end of June. Colours still original. No paper jams or drying out. How I grew to hate Inkjets from 1991 (my first) till the Colour laser came (we had Inkjet for colour and laser for mono).

I've used IBM Golfball, (NOISY!) Daisy and NEC Thimble (printer only) quality printers and electric typewriters. I do not miss them at all!

I know some writers famously stuck with typewriters (Ray Bradbury and possibly Asimov), but others since 1980s only ever used wordprocessors. I have generator, UPS and solar charger ... just in case no mains electricity.

Fascinating pictures. I'm reminded of the Journalist boyfriend in "You've got mail". I weakened a few months ago and nearly bought a mechanical portable* in a Charity shop. Not with any serious intention of using it though!

I've seen photos of Ray Bradbury with big desk machine and Asimov with portable he took everywhere (no hand written notes for him, He'd type even if on a picnic!).

The Adams typewriter was quickly replaced by Apple system.

Enid Blyton loved to type in garden with typewriter on a board on her knee. Sometimes a book a week!

I wonder did Forster write "The Machine Stops", early SF on that contraption?

The pure mechanical Typewriters last much better than computer printers, which seem short lived compares to the computers. (My favourite Laptop for writing is over 13 years old!)

[* I have Jotter app on phone and optional USB server bay keyboard, also keyboard Kindle and original Acer Aspire One netbook, so I always have something with me to write on that's portable]
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