5.08: Falling Skies - Stalag 14th Virginia


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Jan 5, 2001
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Weaver discovers a startling truth about an old friend and sets out to protect the 2nd Mass. Elsewhere, Maggie and Isabella are forced to work together, and Tom leads an attempted escape by the 2nd Mass. Noah Wyle directed the episode.
Another mess cleaned up, and another episode gone.
Looks like the next episode will be more of the same, only the new mess will be Pope and his gang. And another episode will be gone.
I like the throne Pope occupied while presiding over a fight to the death. That's entertainment for a man who seems to have acquired the self-image of a Roman emperor.
The Overlords, big as they are, must be hollow, considering that Weaver was able to kill one with his belt. I don't know why he was demanding information from the alien as he throttled him without a translator. I guess we were being led to believe he was dealing with something other than an Overlord.
Moving up the chain of command by assassination was a new wrinkle. I don't know if Captain Kate was an original converted by the Espheni or a replicant. She looked genuinely sorrowful when the dead Overlord's body was revealed.
With all the bleeding from her neck wound, I would have thought someone, especially Weaver, would have noticed it's telltale blackish tint. Her final words of love for Weaver were more than a little melodramatic.
Word to Anne: revealing that your late daughter was half-Espheni; not a good idea. Without an explanation about how that happened, it sounds looks bad, really bad.
What can I say? This Season started out so promising and now I'd be embarrassed if anyone I had told to watch it again had actually taken my advice. The Overlords were the big new unstoppable villains two Seasons ago, but now an old man can strangle one with his belt buckle!

I wondered why the half-alien daughter didn't come up during last week's dissemination of all things crazy, but they had obviously been storing that one up for Anne to spring during an odd off-the-cuff conversation.

The love triangle still continues to roll on for some reason. Really, a single kiss and a bit of flirting with Isabella following all that angst about Maggie means Hal has changed his feelings for her.

So, the 2nd Mass. now has an army and an arsenal but next week are we really still going to see them involved with Pope's Hells Angel gang rather than attacking the Espheni?

What I really hate most of all is the introduction of the Queen Espheni. It was bad when Star Trek introduced the Borg Queen and destroyed the Borg (who were an unstoppable enemy up to that point.) It is no different here: See Hive Queen Trope

Conveniently, now all they have to do now is to kill the Espheni Queen who is surrounded by Overlords that can be killed with a belt buckle. Simples!

I expect I can waste two hours of my life to watch the end. Sigh!
The love triangle still continues to roll on for some reason. Really, a single kiss and a bit of flirting with Isabella following all that angst about Maggie means Hal has changed his feelings for her.
Maggie and Isabella seem to be getting along so well I would't be surprised if they ended up preferring each other's company to that of either Hal or Ben.
Despite no alien activity I thought it was a decent enough episode until the last minute. Then I was reminded about the Pope situation that they still need to resolve in the final 2 episodes. The writers must be very proud of this hero-villain conflict. Despite the fact that the Espheni should be the villains. Maybe it looked good in writing.
Ok, time for final predictions. It can still go many ways but a for the most part happy ending seems certain.

Pope will almost kill Tom Mason, but his follower from the 2nd mass will kill him.

The hive Queen is killed on a daring raid with a rocket/bomb blast. Just as it seems most of our heroes will be slaughtered by flying aliens.

The skitters or at least the race that was talking to Tom Mason are free. Their original form will be relieved as some turn up in a spaceship.

Hal and Isabella stay together. Maggie confesses love for Ben and they get together. Alternatively Ben and Isabella die in the alien attack, and Hal is with Maggie.

The Vorm say they will always be allies.

Masons live happily everafter, with Tom being a major force in the years to come. Maybe another baby is on the horizon.
No I think you're on to something! What a twist.

Tall, dark and handsome?
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