The Clan Corporate by Charles Stross


Mad Mountain Man
Jun 29, 2010
Scottish Highlands
In the Clan Corporate, the third in the Merchant Princes series from Charles Stross, the heroine Miriam is trapped both socially, by her position within the clan hierarchy, and physically after behaving in the most stupid ways imaginable and upsetting the Clan superiors. The result is a very claustrophobic book that has none of the fun and sense of fresh new ideas that the previous two books exhibited. For me this made The Clan Corporate a bit of a struggle to work my way through despite it being a moderately short book (by today’s standards).

I found it a generally disappointing read; it’s very apparent what sort of direction the series is going to be heading and I’m not sure I want to follow it there. I do have the next book in the series and so will probably read it giving the series another chance, but I’m not really sure I will continue after that.