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Roy G
Oct 19, 2006
Cheshire, UK
High summer, low price. Much cheaper than usual, the July-August E book issue of Interzone, #259, contains cutting edge science fiction by E. Catherine Tobler, Chris Butler, Sara Saab, Richard W. Strachan, Rich Larson, plus the 2015 James White Award winning story ‘Midnight Funk Association’ by Mack Leonard.

Black Static #47 (horror and dark fantasy not SFF) E book is now live on Amazon Kindle and also only $2.99 base price. Why not try it? At that price you can't lose. This issue has John Connolly's Razorshins plus stories from James Van Pelt, Kate Jonez, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Ray Cluley, and Eric J. Guignard. Ray Cluley gets thoroughly interviewed and reviewed in Book Zone.
Down in London today so I called in on the new Foyles bookshop. I was impressed. Seemed pretty good in layout terms. Good SF section, no loud music playing as I browsed. Top floors had a cafe, display space - with an exhibition about future and 'greener' cities - and a readings room just right for book launches etc.
The different sections have their own magazine racks. Interzone #259 (3 of) and Black Static #47 (2 of) were, spine out, on the alphabetically ordered literary magazines stand on the first floor by the cash desk and opposite (across the stairwell) the SF section.
Interzone #260 and Black Static #48, the Sept-Oct issues are out now in print and E book. E books on Amazon, Smashwords and Weightless at present but soon on ibooks, B&N, Scribd, Kobo and others. Jeff Noon and John Shirley feature in Iz and Cate Gardner and Jeffrey Thomas.
Black Static #52 ebook now live on Amazon's many guises ( .com / with Carole Johnstone's 17,000-word novelette 'Wetwork', which inspired Ben Baldwin’s cover and interior art. More horror and darkness from Damien Angelica Walters, Robert Levy, Michelle Ann King, and Ralph Robert Moore with interior illustrations by Dave Senecal, Warwick Fraser-Coombe, and Joachim Luetke. Features: Comment- Stephen Volk and Lynda E. Rucker; Blood Spectrum- Gary Couzens (media reviews); books - Peter Tennant reviews Paul Meloy's The Night Clocks and then interviews Paul about life as a mental health nurse and all things firmamentish and autoscopic.
The British Fantasy Awards are in the offing and the two TTA Press magazines, Interzone and Black Static are in competition on the Best magazine/periodical shortlist along with three others. There are extra reasons for TTA Press, and in particular Black Static, to celebrate other short listees.

Best artist - Ben Baldwin is short listed again for Best Artist and he has provided TTA, and other publishers, with fantastic cover art and illustrations this past year. As I write this he is about to become a father so a win this year would be an extra bonus.

Best short fiction - Two short listees from two issues of Black Static (one of them illustrated by the short listed artist) makes this a good time to introduce new readers to the magazine and make them an unrefuseable offer.

The two stories shortlisted are Cate Gardner’s extraordinarily poignant story of love, grief and, eventual, madness. ‘When the Moon Man Knocks’ from Black Static #48 and the bleaker than bleak ‘Dirt Land’, where Ralph Robert Moore tosses us into a brutal, backwoods, inbred community to unfold a horribly brilliant tale of youthful inexperience and impotence with the cruellest of consequences, especially for the women in the slipstream. (Black Static #49 with Ben Baldwin’s illustration, attached here.)

So you can have both those back issues for the price of one. Black Static #48 and #49 for £6. Order one of them, not both, from the TTA back issues page . Both will arrive.

Alternatively if you want them and are going to Fantasycon by the Sea let me know here and they will be waiting for you on the TTA Press table in the dealers’ room.
As annouced in the PS Publishing Newsletter a week ago, TTA Press, as mentioned in the Interzone thread, have transferred the magazine to PS Publishing so TTA will produce no further issues. Andy Cox is no longer the editor but has written to authors awaiting a response, be it positive or otherwise, that they should resubmit to Ian Whates once PS have set up a submission system.

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