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Apr 28, 2013
East Yorkshire
Place: Twitter. Hashtag #sffchrons When: 8-9pm GMT on the 12th July

Whose story is it anyway?

Obviously the answer is the author, right?

It's your story, you wrote it. You made the adventure happen. You decide what happens in those pages.


Someone, a beta-reader, perhaps the editor, the agent, the publisher (and their several departments if you land one of the big houses) suggests a change, maybe a small one, maybe a complete re-write.

Maybe that little voice in the back of your head agrees with them. Maybe it doesn’t.

Do you stick to your version? What if you say "No" is that the end of your dream? Is it worth the effort to change all the things because one person thinks it will sell better?

Do self-published authors find it easier without all this additional input? Is it better to work with a small press?

Isn’t writing the story in the first place enough?

Four multi-talented and experienced SFF authors from various backgrounds will be discussing the ownership of your work, answering your questions about the process of editing, critique, and most importantly knowing when to stand up for your words.

Meet the Panel


Editor/Publisher/Events Organiser/Creative Writing Tutor/Author:

Alex Davis is an author, editor, publisher, creative writing tutor and events organiser based in Derby. His debut novel, THE LAST WAR, is out in July from Tickety Boo Press and is the first in a science-fiction trilogy following the aliens of the Noukari. He is co-ordinator for Derby's annual Edge-Lit event – running this year on the 11th July – and also part of the management committee for this year's Derby Book Festival. He also runs Boo Books, Derby's independent press, aiming to promote regional talent along internationally known authors. Their latest release is The Electric, available in paperback for the first time. For more information, visit http://boobooks.net/and https://alexblogsabout.wordpress.com/



Anya loves escaping the real world in favour of imaginary pals and fantastical worlds. She's currently getting her first two novels ready for self-publication next year -- at present the series is called "Game of Phones" but it will need something more serious. The stories are an epic fantasy with characters that use mobile phones instead of wooden staffs.

In June 2014 she won the opportunity to work (on a non-paid basis) with producers at BBC Comedy Scotland. That has so far resulted in one short monologue being produced and an executive producer is currently reading her sit-com.



Francis Knight was born and lives in Sussex, England. When not living in her own head, she enjoys SF&F geekery, WWE geekery, teaching her children Monty Python quotes, and boldly going and seeking out new civilizations. She is the author of the Rojan Dizon series published by Orbit. Discover more about Francis on her website: http://francisknightbooks.co.uk



Thaddeus White is an avid reader of fantasy and classical history, and also enjoys watching, betting and tipping on Formula 1 (with mixed results).

His first comedy, Sir Edric's Temple, was released last year, and he has since signed a two book publishing deal with Tickety Boo Press (for a second edition of Temple, and the first release of the follow-up book, Sir Edric's Treasure). He's also written fantasy novels Bane of Souls, and Journey to Altmortis, and is currently working on Sir Edric's third adventure and fantasy novel Kingdom Asunder. Discover more about him on his website: Website: http://thaddeuswhite.weebly.com/

If you are just starting out, a seasoned writer, or currently slogging through query hell join us on Sunday July 12th at 8pm GMT on Twitter. #sffchrons .

Really looking forward to this one - although I expect, looking at all my roles there, I might be the one playing Devil's advocate a fair bit...
You've got enough roles without Lucifer's lawyer being added to the list.

Cheers for organising this, Molly.
I'd like to thank *said in my best telephone manner* Thaddeus, Alex, and Anya for providing an insightful hour on keeping ownership of your story :D Also thanks all the secret followers, and questioners who joined us.

It appeared to pass quite well, aside from a few glitches on my side. I trust I didn't damage Jo's moderator seat to much ;)
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