Falling Skies - Season One

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I've been watching this. Spielberg is an executive producer (but then he was for Terranova and that was tripe IMHO.) Watched three episodes and couldn't really get into it. Watched two more and now I'm hooked. The aliens are interesting and enigmatic but you learn a little more about them each episode. They can communicate by radio. They put puppet masters on the backs of the children and create an army. They also have AT-AT walkers. Not sure why the human resistance hasn't been wiped out though as they are a bunch of "old men and teachers with guns" (as one character correctly described them.)
Found original thread and merged. I've watched almost all the first Season (have to before Friday or it expires from my box.) I will definitely watch the Second Season. Certainly different now that the real aliens are introduced and the Skitters are seen to be harnessed themselves and that the harness seems capable of genetic manipulation (but you already knew all this.) Interesting that no one seemed too keen on the first two episodes (I almost didn't bother to watch further and that would have been a mistake.) It could be that they lost a lot of viewers because of that.

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