Falling Skies - Season One


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Sep 28, 2007
Just watched the first two hour segment. As I understand it, this show is available in several countries. Any comments so far?

I think it has possibilities. Good filming and believable FX. Noah Wylie seems good in his part. Will Patton is in his usual hard-headed role.
My husband and I watched it this evening. We, too, thought it had possibilities. I think it will depend on how (or if) the characters develop over the next few episodes, whether I'll keep watching or not. I won't be tuning in once a week for the sake of special effects.

It was a suspenseful two hours.
What's it about?

In a nutshell...

It's six months after an alien invasion that brought humans to their knees. The series follows a group of survivors as they battle to survive and deal with the devastation wreaked by the aliens.
Wired Review
Dubbed Mechs and Skitters, the extraterrestrial bad guys in Steven Spielberg’s new sci-fi series Falling Skies raise a key question: Do alien monsters really seem that scary on TV?
The two-hour pilot episode, which airs Sunday on TNT and will be telecast to more than 75 countries, dramatizes the chaotic aftermath of an alien invasion as a ragtag band of civilians try to cope. The survivalist theme is a familiar one, thanks to recent wasteland sagas including TV’s Jericho and movies like Battle: Los Angeles, Skyline, The Road, Terminator Salvation and Spielberg’s own War of the Worlds remake.
Post-apocalypse fatigue syndrome aside, Falling Skies faces a suspension of disbelief dilemma. The visual effects appear to be well-executed and would probably trigger shock and awe if they came to life on a big movie screen enhanced by a thunderous sound system. But delivered through a normal television set, the creatures feel kind of dinky. When hooved aliens come clomping down a country road, it sounds like coconut halves being pounded against a tile floor by the Foley artist in charge of sound effects.

Charlie Jane Anders — We've had a lot of unscrupulous aliens coming to our planet on television lately, but Falling Skies isn't just another mystery-alien show along the lines of V or The Event. Instead, Steven Spielberg's new show is a whole different phenomenon. We interviewed showrunner Mark Verheiden and actors Moon Bloodgood, Drew Roy and Maxim Knight about what to expect from Falling Skies, which debuts this Sunday on TNT. And they told us how Falling Skies is different than your average alien invasion show.

Spoilers ahead!

The situation in Falling Skies is even more hopeless than in other shows. http://io9.com/5812883/why-falling-skies-breaks-the-mold-of-alien-invasion-shows
io9 Review:

Steven Spielberg's new show Falling Skies launched last night on TNT, and the good news is, it got gangbuster ratings for a basic cable show: 5.9 million viewers, more than The Walking Dead's first episode on AMC.

The bad news is, the opening two parter has a lot of storytelling weaknesses, and it's hard to say how many of those 5.9 million people will tune in again next week, and the week after. We've already seen the first seven hours of Falling Skies, so we know the show grew on us after a few episodes. Let's hope other people have the same amount of patience.

Read more: http://io9.com/5813849/the-coolest-scene-of-alien+fighting-from-last-nights-falling-skies
I like the fact they or Speilberg says its borrowed from HG Wells novel, Battlestar Galactica and V.

I must watch this because i was just thinking where is the next SF show coming and when.
I found the pilot oddly non-compelling. There's nothing I haven't seen before, and the pacing was lackluster. I'll continue to watch, mainly because there's little else - at least on American television, but I'm not holding my breath.
We love this in our house even though it's only two episodes in...we really want to know what's going to happen with Ben and what's going to happen with Hal's girlfriend (or whatever she is)

Side note: I was reading an article in a magazine, and they were talking to Noah Wyle about how he ended up in this role. He told them he had four scripts he was reading: this one, something to do with a sheriff and a couple others, so he asked his son which one he wanted to see him in and his son picked this...
I like it. I also loved Noah when he was on ER so that helped jump start my interest. So far I've only seen the first two episodes but it was really very good.
Well, the plot thickens, so to speak. Now we have a skitter showing motherly love to human children with implants. Where are we going with this development?
Ahhhh, so this is the official thread and the others are just doodley squat!

(Dang, now I gotsta' retype all my theories.)

I have been enjoying the heck out of it- I think it's good, not great, but certainly not in the range of sucking- and I am glad that they are getting a second season.

Pope is of course my favorite character (helps that he can cook, but I would have liked him anyway).
Oy! You got me. That wasn't nice to say and I apologize.

In my self defense, the other places that have talked about the television show have not been updated since I first joined, this was the only one that did.

I throw my self upon the wooden cross and ask for forgiveness.
Quoting myself from a different FS thread a while back:

And there's something of a teaser about why the skitters have many legs, but their mechs have only two. Is there a version we haven't seen yet?

Well, dang. I hate it when I'm right all the time.:rolleyes: I guess we should have seen this coming. Now we just have the two hour conclusion to season one and then we'll have to wait for next year.

This has proven to be more entertaining than I might have imagined at the outset.
Well, now that the first season has ended, I have to say that the second year will have to be much different. For those who have yet to see the two hour finale, I won't disclose the surprise, but this series could be quite challenging in the future.
Well, now that the first season has ended, I have to say that the second year will have to be much different. For those who have yet to see the two hour finale, I won't disclose the surprise, but this series could be quite challenging in the future.

I know!!!! How are they going to work with that?! More importantly, why would he do that?!

Of course, we now have to wait until next summer to see what they're going to do...stupid cliff hangers.
This is another one of those shows (along with Camelot and Game of Thrones) That I REALLY wanted to see, but have now missed so many episodes that I might as well wait for the boxed set to come out...

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