Chris Squire, Yes Bassist, Dead at 67

Rest in peace Chris.

One of the truly greats
The Rickenbacker in my living room looks somehow different today..

this is very,very sad news indeed
So, the Fish is gone. A lot of memories there. You could set your watch by him (of course, if you did, you'd go through life being consistantly twenty minutes late, like him, but you still could).
Lovely sound and technique,as a bassist when asked by young people what to listen to one of my recommendations has always been Roundabout,some superb work over the years he will be much missed...
Anyone discovering YES should have a look at the bands Mabel Greer's Toyshop, and Tommorow. These guys had 'prog' down for the count by 1968.
Legend. R.I.P. Chris. I have Tempus Fugit on as I type.

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