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3-Way Vote-Off Action! POLL #2 - June 2015 100-Worder Anonymous Challenge

Vote for your favourite story for June

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Dan Jones

Free Omar!
Nov 14, 2014
Here, Now
What excitement! What drama! What excellence!

It seems we have a three-way vote off to determine the winner for our June anonymous Challenge.

Three esteemed tales stood above the rest but could not be separated. So, all ye who voted once, prepare to vote again. All ye who failed to vote the last time, here's your chance!

Usual poll rules apply - don't vote for yourself, obviously, and one vote each.

The poll will close after 2 days - so 14:30 UK time on Saturday - and (hopefully) we'll have our winner!

Aaaaand..... vote!

Hey, good job this isn't the 300-worder and we get three votes each, eh? That'd be a doozy of a pickle.