Alternate Generals III

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Jun 20, 2015
Alternate Generals III
Edited by Harry Turtledove
Baen, Apr 2005, $24.00, 306 pp.
ISBN: 0743498976

The premise of this terrific alternate military history collection is to change circumstances of famous war heroes (depending on which side the reader is on) by placing them in some other scenario whether that is Joan of Arc not being burned or Robert E Lee named as ambassador to England for the triumphant Confederacy, etc. Modifying a pivotal moment or placing a victorious leader into a difference circumstance to “determine” whether they would remain winners are the underlying themes behind this strong anthology. Readers will appreciate all thirteen tales starring a diverse bunch of conquerors and generals, but not quite in the role that history reveals to us. Each tale is well written and fans of alternate history will complete the book in one sitting. Especially enlightening is how much other factors besides strong leadership play in success and how easily yet disconcertingly the Iraq freedom invasion seems so analogous even when looking for a missing elephant in Ancient Rome. This is a great series of tales that will keep the audience reflecting on war and leaders.