Danger Calls

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Jun 20, 2015
Danger Calls
Caridad Pineiro
Silhouette Intimate Moments, Jun 2005, $4.99
ISBN: 0373274416

Until she met Ryder Latimer, FBI Agent Diana Reyes saw the world as black and white, good guys defeating bad guys. However, her perspective of the world is overcome even while she falls in love with Ryan though it is not her feelings for him that confounds her beliefs; it is his being a vampire that brings colors into her drab world (see DARKNESS CALLS).

Dr. Melissa Danvers is the human caretaker of Ryder Latimer, a position she inherited from her parents when they died last year. As she learns her duties by studying her father’s journals, someone steals one of them. Fearing for Ryder’s life, Melissa asks Diana’s brother Sebastian, a security consultant and computer guru, for help. Already attracted to one another, both wonders how they will avoid falling in love knowing they are already half way there. Neither knows that the person who stole the journey stalks Melissa needing more information to complete a diabolical plot.

The second “Calls” supernatural romantic suspense is a fantastic thriller that grips the audience from the moment that Melissa realizes one of her late dad’s journals has been stolen. Once again the audience will believe that vampires exist although Ryder plays more of a secondary role this time as opposed to his being the lead as he did along side of Diana in the first tale ((see DARKNESS CALLS). The two humans, Melissa and Sebastian star in this heated intrigue in which they attempt to keep Ryder safe while trying not to fall in love. In an incredibly short time, Caridad Pineiro is proving to be one of the sub-genre’s best writers.