Every Which Way but Dead

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Jun 20, 2015
Every Which Way but Dead
Kim Harrison
HarperTorch, Jul 2005, $6.99, 512 pp.
ISBN: 006057299X

Rachel Marianna Morgan worries about the ever-after as a familiar to Algaliarept though the deal she struck with the demon to save her family especially Ceri enables the witch to keep her soul. When Al realizes that Rachel still has free will, he rages in frustration and warns her that she is still his familiar though he cannot force her into his realm. Thus she must show caution or else Al will come back sooner than later for her.

Still that does not stop her from protecting the thousand year old elven child from her “master”. When Al comes for her Rachel expects at a minimum she will turn back into a DEAD WITCH WALKING, but most likely worse. Rachel also deals with more mundane problems like her boyfriend dumping her, her roommate Ivy a vampire falling off the bloody wagon, and Kisten another vampire wanting to share a bite or two with her. Life or is that un-life is normal for Rachel as she deals with THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UNDEAD of otherworldly and human drug lords and howling insurance salesmen.

The latest Rachel Morgan tongue in cheek tale is a bewitching story that grips the audience from Al’s first demand ignored by our heroine until the final altercations with combatants like Al, family members, and vampires. The story line is action packed, but as with the previous dead and undead tales, readers believe in the supernatural as the norm. The only criticism of this magnificent Morgan adventures is staying up all night to read it as Kim Harrison beguiles fans not to put down her latest thriller in spite of 500 plus pages until they finish.