Beyond the Pale

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Jun 20, 2015
Beyond the Pale
Savannah Russe
Signet, Jun 2005, $6.99, 304 pp.
ISBN: 0451215648

In New York City, Daphne “Daphy” Urban reflects on being a four hundred and fifty year old vampire without a male relationship since Byron died from a bad bite when Uncle Sam greets her and tells her that they need her. She is escorted to a top spy cell where J gives Daphy and fellow vampires Benny Polycarp of Missouri and Cormac O’Reilly of Manhattan an offer they cannot refuse. Work for the Feds as espionage ring Darkwing or die.

Daphy is assigned to get close to nefarious arms dealer Bonaventure who sells to the highest bidder especially terrorists. She is unsure whether she is to kill the man or just bring him in. As she struggles with her assignment, her two associates battle to accomplish their tasks. Meanwhile she knows someone is following her, which she assumes is either an untrusting J operative or a vampire hunter. Darius della Chiesa, extraordinaire vampire slayer, knows he must kill Daphne, but he feels like a traitor as he desires her too.

Fans of paranormal thrillers will appreciate the exciting first Vampire Chronicle, BEYOND THE PALE. The story line is a counter terrorism tale enhanced by the audience belief that vampires, hunters, and an assortment of other creatures exist. The star crossed romance between the hunter and the vampire adds to the feel that the uncanny is real. Readers will value this superior supernatural suspense and look forward to more adventures starring the Darkwing secret agents.