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Jun 20, 2015
C.J. Barry
Love Spell, Jun 2005, $6.99, 368 pp.
ISBN: 0505525747

She knows she earned this first run as a freight captain when she helped rescue her brother Zain from slavery (see UNLEASHED), but Torrie Masters is nervous yet confident. However, when the computer reports the engine is melting down, Torrie sends her crew away hoping to save the day and not go down with the ship. Instead of dying, the meltdown proves false, but the Dead Zone Ghost Rider pirates led by Qaade Deter capture her ship.

Surprisingly, Qaade sets Torrie free returning her vessel to her, but keeping her cargo. Later when he learns that slavers have kidnapped her, he comes to rescue her, but at the cost of his precious hijacked cargo. Once he frees her Qaade demands she help him recover the cargo he stole from her because his piracy assists the Slipstream rescue people from slavery although he wonders who will save his heart enslaved to the feisty captain.

The fourth “Un…ed” science fiction romance is a terrific outer space action thriller that stands alone even with a Masters as a protagonist as in previous tales. The story line feels somewhat like swashbucklers in outer space, but with the test that the pirates, believing slavery is an abomination, free the slaves at every opportunity. C.J. Barry provides a fast-paced action-packed thriller starring two wonderful characters that make believers of the audience that piracy in space exist. Fans of speculative fictions will appreciate Ms. Barry’s latest stellar story and seek the previous three “Un” novels that are well worth reading