A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur’s Court

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Jun 20, 2015
A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur’s Court
Marianne Macusi
Love Spell, May 2005, $6.99
ISBN: 0505526336

Twenty-nine years old La Style associate fashion editor Katherine “Kat” Jones detests ruining her shoes traipsing in a field in Upstate New York rather than attending a Village event or relaxing in her Connecticut home. However, her boss has sent her to attend King Arthur’s Faire in order to write a five hundred word article on the medieval clothing fad in today’s fashion world. Her photographer Chrissie Haywood forces Kat to have her palm read by a fortune teller. Kat is obnoxious to the woman, who curses her.

Suddenly Cat finds Chrissie is gone and so is the faire. Instead she is in Camelot dressed in high twenty-first century fashion with no hospital or latte in sight. Lancelot du Lac defends her, but though she wants to seduce him, she assumes he belongs to Queen Guenevere. Then there is the evil prince who wants to use her to destroy the kingdom; and finally Merlin informs her not to change history or is that the future even if she only wants to introduce the cashmere sweater to the ladies.

This is an amusing chick lit goes Camelot tale in which the Knights of the Round Table except Lancelot agree that Kat needs to be shipped back to her birth time and place, 2005 Brooklyn. The story line is fun although initially readers will find Kat’s whining at the faire and in Camelot irritating. However, when she tries to save the kingdom without gourmet coffee, not change history, and ruins her shoes in the process, fans will root for Kat to have at least one life with Lancelot. Mark Twain would enjoy this distaff version of his classic.