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Jun 20, 2015
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Mary Beth Bass
Love Spell, May 2005, $5.99, 352 pp.
ISBN: 0505526344

On the advice of her friend Toby, Dr. Ian Gilbertson takes his beloved Clare Islington to the Black Hound Inn in Dorset, Vermont. Seven years ago Clare had an eerie experience at this supposedly haunted historical site; Toby insists that returning her will enable her to move on with her life and Ian’s hopes with him.

In 1824, Harcourt Abernathy stays at the relatively new Black Hound Inn in Vermont where he is conducting business. He mourns the death of his beloved Kate, who passed away five months ago, but he has never recovered form the loss.

Clare thinks back to her first stay at the inn when she met an almost two century old ghost Harcourt who insists she is the reincarnation of his Kate. Shaken to her core, Clare fled. Now that she is back, Harcourt hopes to woo her back to his time where he is a mortal not a spirit although Ian is worthy human competition.

Though at times it is difficult to follow the plot switches between the past and present, readers will enjoy this enthralling paranormal romance. The characters drive the tale as the romantic triangle of the present and the melancholy love story from the nineteenth century come across due to fully developed key players. Fans will want to follow Mary Beth Bass for future tales of love from beyond if this is an indicator of her work.