Night Bites

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Jun 20, 2015
Night Bites
Nina Bangs
Love Spell, Mar 2005, $6.99
ISBN: 050552614X

Whenever Cindy Harper felt stressed out, she turns to ice cream which helps sooth her especially with the strange requests of her guests who stay at her New Jersey Woo Woo Inn, the center of weirdness. However, the stress that Thrain Davis brings to her cannot be cured by a sweet cold treat. Thrain’s best friend, Cindy’s father; asked him to help his daughter believe that seven hundred years old like she is and having customers who are vampires, deities, and other paranormal ilk is real albeit abnormal. Even Thrain has a special bite to him, which frightens Cindy when she realizes he is a vampire.

As Thrain falls in love with his host, she reciprocates, but fears his blood sucking nocturnal needs. Demonic feline visitors Sparkle Stardust and Ganymede “Mede” are guests at the inn doing what they do best, interfering with the natural order of things so that chaos reigns. As Thrain makes progress and Cindy starts to become comfortable with her beloved and with other revelations, the cosmic troublemaking duet strike.

Nina Bangs is a master of blending ecstasy and humor within a romantic fantasy. The jocular story line is fast-paced as the way out cast makes for a delightful time for the audience. Thrain is a sensual sensitive vampire who feels guilt and a sense of betrayal by falling in love with the daughter of his best friend who he is supposed to help regain her footing. The inn is a terrific locale as the paranormal check in, check out, and sometimes in between. The bonus of the dynamic troublemaking duet of Sparkle and Mede add plenty of laughs. Fans will appreciate Ms. Bangs’ lighthearted supernatural fantasy.