Fall Girl

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Jun 20, 2015
Fall Girl
Pierce Askegren
Ace, July 2005, $7.99, 256 pp.
ISBN 0441012773

In the distant future five of the most powerful businesses in the world come together and built Villanueva a working colony on the moon. There is also small federal facility Armstrong Base where Wendy Scheer works. Ten years ago an extraterrestrial artifact was found past Pluto. Erik Morrison is in charge of Ad Astra, the building of a spaceship to find the origins of the artifact. Wendy is forbidden to enter Villanueva because she has a psi ability that makes people want to do what she asks.

Erik’s security officer is just now dismantling Wendy’s spy network sending back to Earth anyone they think might haven been her agent. One of those due to be shipped home is Enola Hasbro who doesn’t want to leave and jumps at the chance when offered new employment. There is a movement a foot to stop Ad Astra from becoming a reality and unknowingly, Enola is in the middle of it. Erik thinks there is nothing to the reports of danger to his life while Wendy is doing her utmost to keep him alive.

Action, adventure and intrigue are the hallmarks of FALL GIRL. This would make a fantastic movie because people will really care about the characters, especially Enola who becomes the object of opposing forces trying to manipulate her. Erik is an interesting figure who in a little over a decade becomes a power on Villanueva and seems destined to be a hero recognized for future generations for his work in space travel.