Silver’s Bane

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Jun 20, 2015
Silver’s Bane
Anne Kelleher
Luna, June 2005, $13.95, 406 pp.
ISBN 0373802226

The goblin hordes who feast on flesh threatened humans and Sidhe with extinction. To contain them in the wastelands, a silver Caul was made with faery magic by a mortal silversmith. Now, due to the treachery of a mortal who betrayed the Sidhe prince he made a deal that enables Cadwyr, heir to the Duke of Gar, to possess the Caul.

The Goblins roam the mortal realm, eating on human flesh and Cadwyr has no plans to stop them. He kills the Duke and claims the title but the dowager duchess Cecily flees and plots to overthrow the traitor and become queen if the people will accept her. In the land of the Sidhe, the goblins are coming and the land is dying. The people, mortal and Sidhe, must find a way to UNnmake the Caul otherwise both the human and faery realms will cease to exist.

SILVER’S BANE, the sequel to SILVER’S EDGE, is a fantastic fantasy that leaves no questions left unanswered or threads left for any other sequel though a prequel in which the making of the caul is told in SILVER’S LURE which is coming in 2006. There are many heroes and heroines in this book who band together to fight the goblin horde praying to end the threat that Cadwyr poses. Anne Kelleher has written a memorable spellbinding work.