Within The Shadows

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Jun 20, 2015
Within The Shadows
Brandon Massey
Dafina, June 2005, $14.00, 368 pp.
ISBN 0758210698

While driving back with his father after a round of golf, Raymond makes a sudden turn and drives until he has an accident. Nearby is a mansion which his son Andrew enters to look for a phone. The place seems haunted so he quickly goes outside gets a signal on his cell phone. When his father is admitted to the hospital because of injuries due to the accident, Andrew asks him if he knows about the house and he says no but his son knows his father is lying.

Not long after that episode, Andrew, a thriller writer, is in his favorite coffee shop prepared to do some writer when he meets Mika Woods. She makes it plain she is interested in him and entices him into coming back to her hotel room where they have hot sex. Mika makes it plain that she loves him and he is the soul mate she waited years to find but Andrew wants to take things slow which upset her greatly. Her obsession leads her to stalk Andrew and his friends while his father dreams about the mansion. When Andrew finally admits something supernatural is going on, anyone who gets close to him is in danger from Mika and her paranormal powers. It is up to Andrew’s father to save the son he abandoned so many years ago.

Brandon Massey is a fantastic horror writer who will appeal to readers who like Bentley Little. Andrew rings true as he goes from skeptical non believer in the paranormal to a believer because he has witnessed strange happenings and knows he needs to destroy Mika before she further hurts those he loves. WITHIN THIS SHADOW is worthy of a Bram Stoker award nomination.