Alternative Worlds

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Jun 20, 2015
Kelley Armstrong
Bantam, June 2005, $6.99, 496 pp.
ISBN 0553587080

In life, Aspico half-demon and witch master of the black arts Eve Levine ran away when she realizes she is pregnant with the heir of a cabal sorcerer. Three years after Eve’s death, she haunts the home where her daughter Savannah lives, hoping to find a way to breakthrough into the mortal world. Savannah’s father Kris who lives on the same ghostly plane as Eve believes the woman he loves most should get her own life preferably with him and forget about making contact with their daughter. He believes Eve needs something worthwhile to do so that she won’t constantly looking in on Savannah.

The fates have a very special job for Eve to perform. They need her to capture a Nix who escaped from a supposedly secure level of hell. A Nix is a very dangerous supernatural being because it provides the human it possesses the chance to act on her darkest desires. Some of the most notorious female killers were possessed by a Nix. While Eve is chasing after the supernatural creature, the Nix discovers who really matters to Eve and intends to destroy them unless Eve can find a way to send her back to Hell.

This romantic urban fantasy is absolutely incredible. It is innovatively original and the storyline is a magical creation. Eve learns that her tie is to Kris and she must stop visiting her daughter. She intends to succeed in her quest but she might have to give up her lover to save those she loves in the mortal realm. Kelley Armstrong’s latest work is refreshing, exciting, and a great work of urban fantasy.