The Book of Renfield

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Jun 20, 2015
The Book of Renfield
Tim Lucas
Touchstone, June 2005, $14.00, 416 pp
ISBN: 0743243544

After the events that led to the death of Dracula, the four principal players keep quiet about what happened as if by keeping silent, they can pretend Evil doesn’t exist in the world. Seven years later, Jonathan and Mina Harker, Dr. Seward and Arthur think the world needs to know the truth that Evil does exist and culling their diaries, journals, letters and photographic recordings, they created a work called Dracula written collectively by four people but credit given to one Bram Stoker.

Dr. John Steward, the owner and chief administrator of Carfax Asylum, feels the book Dracula doesn’t dwell enough on the role R.M. Renfield played in the horrific ordeal. Through notes, recordings, papers and journals, Dr. Seward comes to see that Renfield has been Dracula’s pawn most of his life, placed in the asylum in order to gain entry to the edifice so he can get close to Mina. Renfield’s death (or rather murder) was his last attempt to save Mina from the clutches of his Master.

Told in the form of journal entries, diary comments and conversations between the doctor and Renfield, readers feel sorry for the man who was abandoned as an infant and thus was easy prey for Dracula to convert him into one of his minions. Although at times he is pathetic and acts in a disgusting manner, his lifelong fight to be free of Dracula and his attempt to stop him from going after Mina raises him to heroic proportions in Dr. Seward’s eyes years after his death. Dracula fans will love reading this side tale of the legendary vampire.