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Jun 20, 2015
Robert Masello
Berkley, June 2005, $7.99, 384 pp.
ISBN 0425203506

In Lago D’Avernus, Italy, a cave that has been under water for millennia is finally able to be seen. Inside the cave is a fossil entombed of a block of stone. The fossil what could be seen of it has talons and some hominid aspects but the carbon dating shows it is too early for hominids to exist. In fact the fossil is as old as or older than the earth. Professor Russo is given permission to take the find to the United States where he will work with his friend Professor Carter Cox in an attempt to get some answers regarding the creature in the rock.

An accident in the lab lets the creature loose, killing a professor and injuring Russo badly. Before he passes out he sees the creature of light is alive even though Carter has a hard time believing this story especially that the creature caused all the church bells to ring in the city at the same time. Ezra Metzberg, who just from Israel o come back to the United States, is piecing together and translating the last book of Enoch which has the answers to what the creature is. They join forces in the hope of preventing the apocalypse from happening by destroying it.

Take biblical history in the tradition of Dan Brown, mix it with a Tom Clancy thriller and place it in a Stephen King plot and one will have an idea what VIGIL is all about. This is an action packed fast-paced work of horror that gives an interpretation to an evil spoken about in the New Testament. Robert Masello is a talented writer who is not only worthy of a Bram Stoker award but is rising star in the horror horizon.