The WhiteWolf’s Son

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Jun 20, 2015
The WhiteWolf’s Son
Michael Moorcock
Aspect, June 2005, $24.95, 330 pp.
ISBN 0446577022

Oonagh von Bek is staying at the family home in Ingleton, West Yorkshire in England where she meets two men she instinctually distrusts. Friends of her grandmother Oona Von Bek also arrive in the village to guard her from her enemies. As she explores the nearby caves, a quake opens the multiverse sending Oonagh into another realm where she meets an educated fox who walks upright and wears clothes. He becomes her protector when the two men follow her into the underground city of Mirenburg, a mirror image of the city above ground.

It is there that she is reunited with her grandmother, the near immortal beautiful Oona who has, with the champions who tried to protect her in Ingleton, come to bring her home if they can find the right road in the multiverse. Elric the Eternal champion is diverted from his one thousand year quest to find his sword Stormbringer to search for his great-granddaughter and foments a rebellion against the twisted science and sorcery using empire of Granbretan in order to try to find her more easily. Oonagh and her friends travel into the heart of the rebellion where she is kidnapped by her enemies who want to remake the multiverse in their own image.

Different Avatars of the Eternal Champion make appearances in this classic Good vs. Evil fantasy. Elric’s role as the Eternal champion is to make sure that Oonagh isn’t used to bring about the apocalypse her enemies desire. He is a heroic and tragic figure, controlled by forces that nobody can defeat because they bring balance to the universe. Michael Moorcock, the grandmaster of sword and sorcery fantasy, provides one of the best books he has ever written.