Finders Keepers

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Jun 20, 2015
Finders Keepers
Linnea Sinclair
Bantam, May 2005, $6.99,453pp

Captain Trilby Elliot and her only companion Dezi the droid operate an obsolete outer space cargo ship when her intruder alarm noisily explodes, warning her of something nearing her vessel. The best she can hope for is a sizable fine that she cannot afford to pay when her binocs show only one ship, a high powered fighting Tra’Tark that crashes onto the planet. Trilby feels her luck has changed as the “sko” from that wreckage should be worth a fortune for the FINDERS KEEPERS salvage of what is now space garbage to anyone but her.

However, Trilby finds one problem near the crash site as the pilot still breathes. Imperial Senior Captain Rhis Vanur informs Trilby that he is commandeering her ship and is kind enough not to maroon her on this isolated rock. As they become better acquainted they defy the astronomical odds and begin to fall in love. However, he is genetically engineered to have no emotions while someone needs her dead and wants her old ship with its seemingly ancient charts for no lucent reason.

Fan of romantic science fiction will enjoy this outer space adventure tale. If it sounds somewhat like Star Wars (loquacious droids, empires at war, etc.), it is to a degree, but the story line develops its own gravity due to the powerful lead couple. The audience will root for Trilby and Rhis to overcome their enemies and make it together. Linnea Sinclair has written a wonderful novel that has strong cross-genre appeal to those readers who take pleasure in an action-packed thriller.