Dead Beat

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Jun 20, 2015
Dead Beat
Jim Butcher
Roc, May 2005, $23.95, 400 pp.
ISBN: 0451460278

Chicago’s only paranormal wizard-detective listed in the phone book, Harry Dresden shares a basement apartment with vampiric half-brother Thomas, who feeds on beautiful women but never kills or turns them as Thomas is a member of the White Court. Though once literally losing her head to Harry, Mavra the vampire Black Court affiliate blackmails him through the woman he loves, Chicago Police Department Special Investigations Unit Chief Karrin Murphy. Mavra has proof that Karrin killed an evil person, which makes her act a homicide and she could face life in prison or the chair. Plus Mavra has a worse hold, some of Karrin’s lush blonde hair. To not use her evidence Mavra orders Harry to find and give her The Word of Kemmler spell that will make the evil vampiress the most powerful essence in the Midwest

Harry learns from Bob the talking skull that Kemmler the malevolent necromancer caused WWI and has been killed twice by the White Court and that the Word of Kemmler is his most dangerous and deadly necromancy book.

The Dresden Files is one of the best recurring detective fantasies on the market today; each of the seven novels (counting this one) has been excellent with an exciting investigation or two within a different type of Chicago. In DEAD BEAT Harry must save his beloved yet cannot provide the necromancer’s handbook to the villainess. Whether he battles dead cops or has fairies clean his apartment, fans will fully enjoy this superb amusing seventh wild ride starring an excellent sarcastic character at his peak in a superior unique series.