The Crimson Sword

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Jun 20, 2015
The Crimson Sword
Eldon Thomas
Eos, May 2005, $24.95, 544 pp.
ISBN 0060741503

The island continent of Pentania, in the kingdom of Alson is ruled by King Sorl, a man steeped in debauchery and without a care for his subjects. One day the king is found dead; his son who he had banished for trying to kill him before succeeded this time and has become the new monarch. The new king is also a wizard allied with the forces of darkness.

The queen travels to the village of Diln and informs Jarom that he is the son she gave up at birth to protect him and let him grow up as a man worthy to rule. When she returns to the castle, the wizard kills her while Jarom and his friend Allion seek help; on the trek, they encounter an Entient (an avatar of the gods who watches out for and guides humanity) who drops a book and before their eyes the writing disappears. Jarome sees a map where THE CRIMSON SWORD is located beneath the buried Elven city. He finds it and becomes the rallying point of those who oppose the Demon Queen who wants to destroy mankind. Jarom fights her minions and her dragon spawn who also wants to see the end of man on earth.

Although this is book one of the Legend of Asahiel trilogy, it is a stand alone epic fantasy that leaves the audience feeling as if they have completed a thrilling journey. Most if not all the threads are woven together into a colorful tapestry that make up THE CRIMSON SWORD. The characters are well developed and the quest they undertake compares favorably to The Lord of the Rings (can Peter Jackson be far behind?).