Alternative Worlds

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Jun 20, 2015
Michele Hauf
Luna, May 2005, $13.95, 411 pp.
ISBN 037380220X

The world of faery has known peace for a very long time but now the realm’s very existence is threatened by the Red Lady, a faerie banished to the Otherside (the mortal realm). She is stealing the essence of faeries who stay too long in Paris controlled by English King Henry and his soldiers. Shinn, leader of Glamourseige knows that Gossamyr, the half mortal-half faery, is the only warrior who can defeat The Red Lady because as a female she is not susceptible to the lure of the succubus.

Although she lacks wings and contains only the glamour from her years of living in faery, she crosses to the Otherside with the help of Shinn. She meets Ulrich who participated in a fairy Dance and lost two decades. His wife remarried and a dragon killed his daughter. He hopes to bring her back to the mortal world because he has an alacorn (a unicorn’s horn) and when he gives it back to its owner he gets one wish. The pair teams up, helping each other when one gets into trouble. When she learns the truth about her origins that Shinn kept from her, Gossamyr’s priorities change although she remains determined to save faery by defeating THE RED LADY.

GOSSAMYR is a beguiling fantasy that blends elements from many genres to produce a work that will enchant readers who will place it on their keeper self to reread when they want an uplifting experience. The protagonist is an amazon warrior in a besieged Paris who battles a succubus, her ex-lover, and wins the heart of a mortal who is on a quest of his own. Michele Hauf has the magic touch that she imbues in her storyline.