According To Crow

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Jun 20, 2015
According To Crow
E. Sedia
Five Star, May 2005, $25.95, 330 pp.
ISBN 1594143080

Eighteen years ago, the Meran Empire went to war against the kingdom of Sium reaching the village of Fiam. It was thought that General Sefar would raze the village but Ruth, a beautiful young woman was able to get into his tent; when she left she carried the general’s head, which was put in the church as a reminder of victory. Nine months later, Ruth gives birth to Josiah.

While Ruth is regarded as a heroine, Josiah is treated like an outcast. A Meran missionary arrives to bring home the bones of his kinsman Sefar. When the visitor meets Josiah he realizes immediately that the teen is Sefar’s son and also his kinsman. He invites Josiah to visit his paternal family in Meran before war breaks out again and is welcomed by every relative he has. War breaks out and after witnessing Sium treachery. Josiah joins the Meran army although he is still not sure what country he calls home.

ACCORDING TO CROW is a coming of age story in which a young man witnesses treachery and the horrors of war. This is also a tale of choices as Josiah struggles to learn where he truly belongs and what he is meant to do. This fantasy world has only a hint of magic as it is more sword than sorcery but actually is a clash between two very different cultures. E. Sedia writes a moving and memorable tale.