Do You Believe?

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Jun 20, 2015
Do You Believe?
Ann Lawrence
Tor, May 2005, $6.99
ISBN: 0765348888

Pennsylvanian Rose Early is in Marleton Village, the last known address of her missing sister Joan, a photographer who recently vanished while on assignment for the Cotswolds Diocese of the Church of England. Rose’s only clue to find her sister is Joan’s copy of Do You Believe in Evil, a horror novel written by local author Vic Drummond. She visits Drummond’s home, but he pretends to be the gardener and blows her away.

Vic is impressed with Rose’s persistence and decides to help her find her sister. As the Yank and the Brit investigate, both reconsider whether evil exists because something is not right in the remote sleepy village especially with the local All Saints Church; all who enter suffer nightmares and physical emanations. Whatever is inside is beginning to get outside. As Rose and Vic become believers, they also reassess the existence of love at first sight for that is the only weapon they have found so far to counter the malevolence that is spreading beyond the village.

Readers will believe in Ann Lawrence’s talent as the author effortlessly combines a heated contemporary romance with a supernatural thriller that grips the audience once Vic agrees to help the obstinate American. The relationship between the lead couple is cleverly set up so that the attraction starts early (no pun intended) but his secret about her sister that he hides from her becomes critical later; to survive evil she must trust in their love even though she learns he hid things from her. The essence to trust or not to trust makes this a strong supernatural romantic suspense thriller that never slows down until the final confrontational rites occur.