Expiration Date

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Jun 20, 2015
Expiration Date
Eric Wilson
Waterbrook, May 2005, $13.99, 400 pp.
ISBN: 1578567459

Clay Ryker left town with a basketball scholarship to the University of Wyoming. Afterward he stayed in state and opened up a successful business and married. In the past year his life collapsed starting with his business and followed by his marriage.

Twenty-nine years old Clay crawls home to live with his parents in Junction City, Oregon. As a teen Clay witnessed bad eerie things that he shared with no one. Now he touches people and knows their EXPIRATION DATE, when they will die. He begins receiving ugly notes and soon people begin dying just as he predicted. Clay realizes his past has come back and this time he cannot flee as he must face a malevolence residing in a 1917 Russian Rasputin train on display. The human representative of the malicious Consortium wants him dead as a sacrifice to hell.

EXPIRATION DATE is an intriguing horror tale filled with twists that spin the reader from comfort zones into wondering what next. Clay is a fine character struggling with failure and with the return of the evil he first experienced as a teen. Fans will wonder just who are or perhaps what the Consortium is as Eric Wilson slowly provides insight into this group and their current agents of evil Asgoth and Monde. The Good vs. Evil war is cleverly handled as the Good is far from perfect and in some ways bad.