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Jun 20, 2015
Orson Scott Card
Orb, Feb 2006, $14.95
ISBN: 0765309041

Dissolute and haughty Lanik Mueller is the heir to his family’s ruling of Planet Treason. Like his kin, Lanik has the ability to regenerate injured flesh; unlike his clan, he can also freakishly regenerate body parts, which he barters for iron with the offworlder traders. A bored Lanik believes his destiny is in the stars and not with this backwater barbaric orb so as he obtains iron he plans to construct a spaceship.

While passing time, the bored Lanik soon awakens to a treachery that if achieved will destroy his family and devastate the planet. He begins a counter-plan as he finds a reason to live on his home-world. Soon Lanik will also discover he is not just a Rad with body regeneration skills, he has other powers that he will need if he is to truly free the various species living on Treason.

In 1988 Orson Scott Card tightened as he says 10% of his novel A Planet Called Treason; this is a reprint of the revised tale. The action-packed story line is a coming of age science fiction tale as Lanik goes from indifference to champion. The key to this fine thriller is the differing species residing and squabbling on the planet as young Lanik tries desperately to bring them together before disaster strikes. Mr. Card has taken what was a fun tale and turned it into a terrific taut novel worthy of his later works.

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