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Jun 20, 2015
Trinity on Tylos
Pamela J. Dodd
Whiskey Creek, Feb 2005
ISBN: 1593744919

On the Excalibur, Security Chief Major Venice Dylenski and her spouse Steve, Chief Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander, love one another and appreciate working together on a mission to bring colonists to a new planet. Both know the hazards of venturing into sectors where humanity has never been before.

The Excalibur crew is unprepared for the Archeons, an alien race who seemingly comes out of nowhere. Mission Captain McPherson accepts the word of peace and friendship from Archeon Captain Azareel and agrees to exchange information over the objection of some of his officers. He should have as the Archeon prove cleverly duplicitous and take control of the Excalibur. They quickly return the ship back to the humans, but take two females of “breeding” age, Venice and Agriculture Technician 1st Class Alathea Duke to serve as revered Lady surrogate mothers to the next generation rugrats.

The fact that a veteran senior officer who earlier warned Venice about safety violations would literally ignore security and hand over his data base is inane. However ignoring that key decision (if you can’t skip the book), TRINITY ON TYLOS is a fascinating science fiction thriller starring a courageous heroine and a desperate race on the eve of extinction. The dilemma confronting Azareel grips the audience as he does deeds he hates, but considers for the greater good of his species supersedes his personal feelings; interestingly Venice is his ethical mirror as she struggles with what to do. This is a strong morality drama that requires one enormous light year leap of faith well worth the jump.
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