The Sharing Knife: Legacy

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Jun 20, 2015
The Sharing Knife: Legacy
Lois McMaster Bujold
Eos, Jun 2007, $25.95
ISBN: 9780061139055

Pregnant farmer’s daughter Fawn Bluefield met one-handed Lakewalker patrol veteran Dag Redwing Hickory when they saved each other from an evil malice (see THE SHARING KNIFE: BEGUILEMENT); she actually did the kill. He takes her back to her family’s farm. Although they know the prejudice they will receive from kin, since their bond is woven in the blood of the knives they recently shared to kill the malice, they marry obtaining tepid tolerance from her people.

Two hours later, the newlyweds enter Dag’s home Hickory Lake Camp where his mother and brother lead the outraged opposition to their union in spite of the blood bond because Lakewalkers only wed Lakewalkers. His kindred consider exiling Dag, but before a final decision is made, he must perform his duty as a soldier. An apparently vicious malice attack has left some dead and threatens her people and his. He knows the risk he must take to destroy this evil, but Dag also wonders why so ferocious an assault. It is almost as if someone who controls magic like a Lakewalker sorcerer does is involved.

The second Sharing Knife romantic fantasy continues the BEGUILEMENT of readers as Fawn and Dag meet their in-laws before they go out on a mission together. The audience will root for the couple as her family covertly hates the marriage but accepts it as there is nothing they can do about it; while his family threatens exiles and worse. Interestingly the malice comes from the earth while the Lakewalkers use energies from the earth to perform “magic”. Readers of all ages will appreciate LEGACY as the honeymoon of these newlyweds is fighting to the death malice.

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