Destiny Kills-Keri Arthur

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Jun 20, 2015
Destiny Kills
Keri Arthur
Dell, Nov 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 9780553589603

She wakes up on a beach with no idea how she got there; next to her is a dead man whose name she recalls. When daylight arrives, he turns to ash. After stealing food and clothing, she tries to hitch a ride, but the man in the car plays chicken with her. She recalls her name is Destiny McCree and she realizes she is a sea dragon that can live in the sea as a human or a dragon. Jewel thief Trae Wilson, the dead man’s half-brother called him to help Destiny who was held captive by scientists who are studying adults dragons, dragon children of both sexes in an underground compound near Loch Ness.

Destiny is on a quest to see her father, an air dragon, before he dies; and to free the children and her mother from the scientist’s compound where scientists are experimenting on them with no regard to their well-being. Trae is willing to assist her especially since the seditious mercenary hunter dragons are stalking her to bring her back to the compound for quite a fee. Trae also wants his father’s ring that Destiny possesses so that he can give it back to his dad in return for information as to where his sister is. As they elude the hunters, Destiny and Trae realize they are soulmates, but have little hope for a future together as the quest comes before their hearts.

Keri Arthur’s opening salvo in a new paranormal romance series is a fantastic thriller as the full bodied characterizations make the world of dragons seem genuine. Destiny is a strong kick butt individual while Trae admires her inner strength so much so he willingly becomes her sidekick even before they realize they are mates. Although the plot is somewhat limited as expected in a first tale as the need to introduce the cast and the settings are critical, fans will enjoy this unique quest fantasy.

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