We’ll Always Have Paris: Stories-Ray Bradbury

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Jun 20, 2015
We’ll Always Have Paris: Stories
Ray Bradbury
Morrow, Feb 3 2009, $24.95
ISBN 9780061670138

This twenty-one short story and one poem (“America”) anthology showcases the width and depth of the great science fiction novelist Ray Bradbury. As the author explains in his Introduction, his skin contains two people: a watcher and a writer. The watcher personality surfaces in slices of life mostly on earth like “Massinello Pietro”, “Pieta Summer”, “Last Laughs”, “The Visit”, and “We’ll Always Have Paris”, etc. Of course Mr. Bradbury also provides his expected unexpected sci fi-horror thrillers such as “The Reincarnate” and “Fly Away Home”, which reads like a Twilight Zone tale. The collection is top rate although none go as deep obviously as the novels, but entries like “A Literary Encounter” with a psychological thriller spin showcases Mr. Bradbury’s talent beyond the other world speculative fiction arena he is renowned for.

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