The Kingdom Beyond the Waves-Stephen Hunt

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Jun 20, 2015
The Kingdom Beyond the Waves
Stephen Hunt
Tor, Jul 21 2009, $25.99
ISBN: 9780765320438

Tycoon Abraham Quest agrees to fund obsessed archeologist Saint Vines College Professor Amelia Harsh’s search for the legendary lost city-state of Camlantis; her theory is that the pre-history kingdom floats somewhere in the air beyond the range of Jackal air navy. Following the official rejection of her funding from the school and others, Amelia is galled having to ask and depend on odious Abraham for her quest as he is the mogul who destroyed her father leading to his suicide.

To achieve the objective, Quest converts a submarine, which angers the Jackals who want to be the sole flying act. He also employs Amazonian warriors to guard his interests while Harsh persuades Commodore Black and his crew to navigate the potentially lethal water and air from deadly denizens. Not only is there danger around every breeze and wave, the Quatershift plan to sabotage the mission.

The sequel to the COURT OF THE AIR is a terrific lively fantasy starring a beleaguered heroine who wonders whether her obsession is worth the cost of dealing with a man she loathes and once she decides that whether its merits the dangerous escapades. The story line is fast-paced and filled with plenty of action on land, air and sea. However, it is the cast who makes THE KINGDOM BEYOND THE WAVES a fun read as the diverse crew of the Quest is always one minor incidence from internal brawling with all bets on the Amazons.


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Dec 23, 2013
Stephen Hunt is a very good writer, so far there are six books in his steampunk series.
I've read all but the last one and they are all excellent!
I really liked the ending of the next one "The Rise Of The Iron Moon".
As for ideas I think the Steam Knights, a race of intelligent machines with there own country and religion are very well thought out.