Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures-Robert E. Howard

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Jun 20, 2015
Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures
Robert E. Howard
Del Rey, Jan 25 2011, $18.00
ISBN 9780345505460

These eighteen historical short stories and poems display a different Robert E. Howard than the sword and sorcerer fame. The entries are enhanced by a terrific introduction (Scott Oden) and an insightful article (Howard Andrew Jones) that provides the audience insight into the depth of the late great author. The tales bring alive several centuries and locations in the medieval Mediterranean. During the crusades, Cormac FitzGeoffrey follows Richard the Lion-hearted into battle as “Hawk of Outremer”. Having cut short her unwanted wedding vows; title character Dark Agnes de la Fere turns to the sword in “Sword Woman” and “Blade for France. In eleventh century Cairo, Spaniard Diego de Guzman thirst for vengeance but to achieve his quest he must pretend to be a Muslim in “Hawks over Egypt”. Whether it is “The Road of Eagles” in the year of our Lord 1595 at the Black Sea or traveling on “The Road of Azrael” as Kosru Malik chronicles the road of death, these are terrific historical sword adventures that showcase the late authors depth and width. Artist John Watkiss provides B&W illustrations that enhance the tales. This collection contains entertaining escapades in the half of the previous millennium.

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