Darkness Rising-Keri Arthur

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Jun 20, 2015
Darkness Rising
Keri Arthur
Dell, Oct 25 2011, $7.99
ISBN 9780440245735

Hybrid Helki werewolf (her late mom’s side) Aedh (her dad’s side) Australian Risa Jones mourns the death of her mother when her soul stealing father, whom she never met, arrives with demands. He needs her assistance to find a tome and the all powerful keys to the gates of heaven and hell. To insure she complies with his orders, the rogue Aedh informs his offspring he will steal the souls of her friends if she fails him.

Vampire council chief Madeline Hunter also gives the besieged Risa an ultimatum. If she wants to live, she will learn why vampires are suddenly aging, losing their minds and dying. Her only ally is a reaper who has no feelings but she is attracted to him.

The second Dark Angels urban fantasy is a superb thriller as the tsuris continues to avalanche the heroine who is not allowed time to grieve her loss. The next generation Guardian (to her Aunt Riley Jenson) struggles with what her father and the head Vampire demand of her, and with her feelings for an unfeeling essence; while also dealing with her mom’s death. The sub-genre audience will appreciate this excellent entry but need to read Darkness Unbound first as this tale directly follows what happened in its predecessor.