Darkness Devours-Keri Arthur

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Jun 20, 2015
Darkness Devours
Keri Arthur
Signet, Jun 26 2012, $7.99
ISBN: 9780451237118

Hybrid Helki werewolf (her maternal side) Aedh (her paternal side) Australian Risa Jones can traverse the gray fields that separates the living from the dead and sees reapers who collect souls. Two years ago werewolf reporter Jak Talbott broke Risa’s heart when he courted her for a story that he enhanced with out-right lies. Risa has since been somewhat relationship-phobic choosing a fun but sterile liaison with Aedh Lucian.

Though she loathes Talbott for what he wrote about her mother, she needs his help. She explains that the Directorate of Other Races hunt the surviving leader John Nadler of a consortium that used the ley line intersection in Melbourne to attack her friends; she needs him to find this beast for her before he and his associates can manipulate time, reality or fate. Risa conceals her fears that they find the keys to open the portals to heaven as one has been discovered and used.

At almost the same time, in spite of an execution order to kill her; the Vampire Council asks Risa for help. Their Cazador cell and the Directorate failed to find the serial killing monster that is eating their species. The only link between the victims is they went to Dark Earth, an underground club in Brunswick. Her mission is to kill this beast.

The third entertaining Dark Angels urban fantasy (see Darkness Rising and Darkness Unbound) is an exciting thriller as the heroine works two dangerous fronts though Risa believes contact with Talbott is the biggest peril she faces. The storyline is fast-paced and filled with action. However, the overarching Key theme barely moved; while the beast devouring the vamps is well written and brings freshness to the mix.