Shadow People-James Swain

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Jun 20, 2015
Shadow People
James Swain
Tor, Jun 11 2013, $25.99
ISBN: 9780765329950

New York City-based Peter Warlock the renowned stage magician is also a real warlock who conceals his psychic skills from the public. He uses his abilities to see into the future in attempts to prevent horrific crimes from occurring.

During a séance he hosts, Shadow People abduct Peter in order for him to deal with Dr. Death, who kills Good Samaritan females. He arrives in the future just as Dr. Death is about to murder his next victim. Returning to the present but shook up by his encounter, Peter concludes that the Shadow People and the serial killer are connected and that the murderer belongs to the Order of Astrum evil psychics who made Peter an orphan years ago when they butchered his parents. With help from his assistant Liza and FBI Agent Garrison, Peter must find the killer before he murders again but is distracted by Rachel the mage.

The second Peter Warlock Manhattan urban fantasy (see Dark Magic) is an engaging paranormal thriller starring an intriguing hero who is not an angel; yet bordering on PTSD, he diligently seeks the serial killer before good people die. The villains are two dimensional or evanescent as they feel underdeveloped, but readers still will enjoy Warlock’s Manhattan (and Pelham) magical mystery tour.

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