Smoking Hot-Karen Kelley

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Jun 20, 2015
Smoking Hot
Karen Kelley
Sourcebooks, Jun 4 2013, $14.99
ISBN: 9781402263927

Raine McCandless left the life of a cop on dangerous patrol in a bad neighborhood of Fort Worth to come home to comatose Randolph, Texas as a Sheriff’s Deputy because her Grandpa needed her. After completing the night shift, Raine comes home only to find a Smoking Hot stranger inside waiting for her.

Dillon Taylor claims he is an immortal nephilim hybrid angel-man. He has come to prevent Raine from dying in a robbery that turns ugly. When the bank robbery occurs, her boss suspects Raine and her Grandpa committed the crime. Dillon must find a way to keep the purebred human, who fans the flames of heat inside him, out of prison. Raine realizes she must focus on the investigation but she knows “where there’s heat” there’s distracting desire.

Smoking Hot is a heated romantic urban fantasy starring two full blooded protagonists and a strong secondary cast. The mystery is clever with fabulous twists and red herrings that will have readers and the heroine wondering who robbed the bank while the romance seemingly has no future. Karen Kelley provides a wonderful tale.

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