Killjoys - Favourite Moments (Spoilers)


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Oct 29, 2004
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Do you remember when Dutch fight in that robe ? That was one among my favorite scenes. :D

I've only seen the first series. I'm trying to get the gf to watch it then go through the second series.
Oops. Sorry, Rodders. We didn't know you watched only the first series.

So the gf needs a bit of encourangement ? Show her the photo below ! ;)

"I have a Headache, a Badge, and a Gun. Behave."
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I'm not too bothered by spoilers, so crack on.

My GF's working the next couple of weekend, so i might watch the second series anyway.
So, we have confirmation of a five year story arc that's likely to see it's end. Can Killjoys now have it's own forum?
I know that there is usually a five conversation minimum before it can have its own thread. Still, we can bend the rules if we know it's going the entire run.
I have already started one for the 3rd season and we can easily start another two. For the 5th, we have to choose a particular subject. Red 17 or the green stuff ? What do you think ?

Never mind. I have already started for the first seasons and sent PM to Brian for a new forum request.
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Yay! Killjoys all grown up and getting its own forum. Makes a thread parent proud.
This honor qualifies the series for a dozen more seasons or so.
Notify Syfy ... and the rest of the media. :D

We just have to make sure we continue talking about in the proposer season thread as it seems we watched S3 only in UA and Canada.
Syfy is offering "every episode ever" online. I don't know if fans need to qualify in any way to watch. I kept getting "try again later" messages this morning.


Also offered: "Memorable Moments": Videos

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